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High School Summer Mission Trip Opportunities
We are excited to Announce our 2 High School Summer Mission Trip Options! Please note that there is always a chance these trips can be canceled due to COVID-19 concerns or decisions made by church leadership at a later date.

Mountain Top - June 26 - July 3, 2021, Cost $600. Mountain T.O.P. (Tennessee Outreach Project)  is a week you will never forget. Serve with other churches and an incredible college staff in Grundy County, TN. We will leave on Saturday afternoon June 26th around noon so we can get to Atlanta and stay together at a church. The next morning we will head to Mountain Top. Youth can choose from a limited amount of spots for Day Camp or Service Camp. Sign-up HERE

Alaska with Praying Pelicans - July 10 - 20, 2021, Cost $1,800.00 Join us this summer as we partner with Praying Pelicans Ministries. Alaska boasts breathtaking landscapes, diverse people groups, and a mission field like no other. This mission trip will combine the element of adventure with the opportunity to encourage ministry leaders who are serving in some of the most difficult places in our nation.

Despite Alaska’s rugged beauty, mystery, and alluring fishing tourism during the long summer days, Alaska is not without great need. Poverty, homelessness, teenage suicide, seasonal affective disorder, drugs, and alcoholism plague every region of the state. The long winters and many hours of darkness take a great toll on the Alaskan people and their mental/emotional health.

We will have the opportunity to partner alongside local churches, as well as colleges, nonprofits, and Christian camps. These established ministries are targeting the struggles listed above and working together to make a much needed difference.

The summer season, however short, yields long hours of daylight - hours spent hustling to treat building exteriors, paint, build, maintain, and accomplish whatever can only be done during the warmer day. We will have the opportunity to host sports camps, park ministry, VBS, home visits, prayer walks, construction projects, and more.

Limited to 20 spots. We will spend 7 days doing mission work and our last 3 days will be sightseeing and reflection about the trip. Questions? Jason@mpumc.org

Sign-up HERE

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Middle School Summer Mission Trip to Atlanta
We are excited to Announce our Middle School Summer Mission Trip for current 6th-8th grade! Please note that there is always a chance these trips can be canceled due to COVID-19 concerns or decisions made by church leadership at a later date.

Atlanta DOOR Mission Trip, June 13-18, 2021 - Cost $650 This will be a spirit-filled and culturally rich weeklong transformative learning experience. Our group members won’t simply ladle soup or sit with elders, they will emerge from their experience with a dynamic understanding of how individuals experience issues like homelessness and food insecurity— what it looks and feels like and what it means for the families experiencing it — as well as what solutions actually work to reduce the harm caused by living with these conditions. The curriculum supports this exploration, offering daily reflection and discussion of the moral, ethical, and spiritual questions surrounding some of the nation’s most complex and heart-breaking social problems. 

These volunteers are not saviors. They are faithful servants, lending a hand to ease someone else’s journey. D.O.O.R's service work is crafted to facilitate the exchange of perspectives and the chance to build real relationships—with your spirit, with your group, and with the individuals we serve. Real relationships are the only way anyone ever truly opens their heart or change their minds. That’s why we want our youth to experience life from someone else’s viewpoint, to learn from people you might otherwise never meet, and to challenge yourselves to engage with the world in new ways.

Registration will open for participants signed up for last year's trip on Wednesday March 3 and will open up to all other participants on Wednesday, March 10th. An email will be sent with registration links.