Rising 8th Grade Confirmation 2019-2020

Sign-up HERE for Worship Leadership Hours

Your student is responsible for 2 worship leadership hours this fall and 2 for the spring. If you are interested in lay reading in any of the worship services, email Peg Broughton any dates that you are available between now and May 20 and she will schedule you (peg@mpumc.org) If you are in youth choir, youth handbells or praise band then your hours are covered for the year. If you are an acolyte that also counts as worship leadership hours. Please sign up for your hours by Nov. 15th so we have a plan for the year. Also, email espence@mpumc.org with questions.


Confirmation Parent Handbook 2019-20

Meeting Times

Confirmation begins September 8, 2019 and meets Sunday evenings from 5:45-7:45 in Jubilee Hall of the Parish Life Building. All of our time together is important so please do your best to be on time. Our time together will include dinner, praise and worship time, and confirmation large group and small group time.


Curriculum & Components

The curriculum we use is called Confirm and it is an approved United
Methodist Confirmation Curriculum. This will be our second year using it
and we have been so happy with it. The curriculum also has an student book that accompanies it and each student will receive one and be expected to bring it every week along with their Bible to Confirmation. The student book also includes extra exercises that can be done at home throughout the week.
It would be helpful as a parent to do these with your student.



It is important that we communicate well with one another throughout the year.  Please let one of us know if there are issues in your youth’s life that might be affecting him or her. We hope to create an environment that encourages your youth to trust us as their leaders.

You will hear from us in a variety of ways but most communication will come by email. Be sure, as soon as possible, that we have the email address you check most often on file for you.

Confirmation Calendar

Confirmation Sundays 2019-2020
5:45 pm — 7:45 pm


September 2019
8 Confirmation begins  with worship service (parents attend)
15 Confirmation

20-22 - Confirmation Retreat (combined with MS Awanita Retreat)

29 Confirmation

October 2019
6 Confirmation

13 Confirmation
20 Confirmation
27 Confirmation


November 2019
3 Confirmation

10 Confirmation
17 Confirmation
24 Confirmation


December 2019
1 Confirmation
5-7 Christmas Tree Sale

22 Love Feast


January 2020
5 Confirmation
12 Confirmation
19 No Confirmation
26 Confirmation


February 2020
2 Confirmation at 12pm
9 Confirmation
16 No Confirmation
23 Confirmation


March 2020
1 Confirmation
7-8 24 hr. Famine
8 Confirmation
15 Confirmation
22 Confirmation

29 Confirmation


April 2020

5 Confirmation

12 NO Confirmation
19 Confirmation

24-26 Spring Confirmation Retreat


May 2020

3 Confirmation
16 Confirmation Rehearsal

17 Confirmation Sunday

Please note that dates may change. A final schedule will be given by the first meeting in September.


Important Dates

Missing a Retreat counts as 2 absences.


Fall Retreat: September 20-22, 2019
Awanita Retreat Center. We will combine with the Middle School Retreat, but have separate breakout sessions for our Confirmands. The retreat includes team building activities, games, lessons, and worship together.


Spring Retreat:  April 24-26, 2020
Asbury Hills Retreat Center. We will complete our last lessons and begin to look at the commitment of our own gifts and talents.


Confirmation Rehearsal:
May 16 9-11:00 am At least one parent MUST attend rehearsal with his or her youth. This will be held in the Sanctuary.


Confirmation Sunday:  May 17, 2020 Due to the size of the Confirmation Class, youth will be confirmed at more than one worship service. Youth are confirmed along with the rest of their mentor group. A great deal of thought will go into choosing the service in which the youth will be confirmed and we will  not be able to honor special requests.


If you are assigned to a worship service you normally do not attend, we thank you for your sacrifice and helping to make this occasion a wonderful experience for all.


For any questions, please reach out to youth@mpumc.org.



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