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Rising 8th Grade Confirmation 


Parents and Families,      


We are so excited that your student will be going through Confirmation this year! While this pandemic has created a lot of unknown and uncertainty, we want you to know that we are certain of a few things. I am hopeful and am certain that Holy Spirit will show up this year and will work in the hearts of youth to transform and change their life over the next several months. I am also certain that our new normal will stretch and grow us, and ultimately bring us closer to God! We are looking forward to journeying with you and your 8th Grader as they learn more about God and themselves, but in order to do that, we will need your help.


Confirmation is a continuation of the grace we received at our baptism. God is at work in your student’s life and we hope that you see that! In Confirmation, your student will be surrounded by people that love them. This web of people, parents, mentors and church leaders, are here to love and care for them and help them grow in their faith that they may be faithful disciples of Jesus Christ. We have many exciting things planned in their retreats and weekly lessons, and we hope that you will support us and all of the grace-filled planning that has come together.


When your student comes to Confirmation, they will learn about God, the church, Scripture, worship, and the Sacraments, and they will experience the faith of others through their small groups and mentors. But they are only here for a few hours one day a week. Our prayer is that you will guide them and encourage them to grow in their understanding and live out their faith in all areas of their life. We need your help so that Confirmation will be a wonderful and transformational experience that will impact the rest of their life. Thank you for joining us in this journey, may God bless you and your family through this time.


Blessings on this journey,


Sarah Simmons

Assistant Director of Youth Minitries

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