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Welcome to Myers Park United Methodist Church Youth Ministry!


Our Mission

We, the youth of Myers Park UMC, exist to love God and grow in Christ. We build connections with each other, love one another,

and serve others as disciples of Christ and stewards of God's gifts.


Youth Ministry Values & Missions

  • We are God-centered, Jesus-focused and Spirit-led. We intentionally bring everything we do back to our relationship with God, while aligning our lives and actions with the way Jesus lived and discerning our steps/actions through prayer and the Holy Spirit.

  • All are welcome. We believe that everyone is made in the image of God; therefore, any person regardless of age, race, sexuality, ability or socioeconomic status can come, participate and be included. 

  • Jesus teaches us to live in community with one another. We know that Jesus never sent his disciples out alone but always in pairs, so we believe that being together is essential to grow in faith. Community looks like showing up, being authentic, vulnerable and compassionate.  

  • Our mission is to Love One Another (LOA). We believe that loving and serving one another is a daily-practice and a part of life rather than a one-time mission trip or experience. Additionally, LOA takes place inside and outside our church walls and is centered on nurturing sustainable relationships. 

  • Families are the champions of faith in the home. We believe that parents and the church must come together in partnership to nurture youth into Christian discipleship. Parents foster faith by participating in church and embodying Christ in how they live, and the church fosters faith by teaching the stories of scripture and creating a safe space for youth to ask questions.

  • Justice and faith must coincide. We acknowledge that God created every person equal and in the image of God but that we are a broken humanity where privilege, oppression and discrimination exists. We believe that Christ calls us to use our voices to reconcile these gaps, so that all people are seen as children of God. 

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